What Is A UV Sanitizing Wand?


We are in the year of a pandemic since months now. COVID-19 has spread all over the planet with extremely new heights with time. It is dangerous, it is viral, and it may cause death. It is an unknown, new virus and the details about COVID-19 are yet to be studied and discovered. The worst part is that the rate of speed in which it is spreading is very high. The only immediate precaution we are left with is sanitization. We ought to sanitize ourselves, people around us and every single thing in our surroundings.

How can we sanitize and disinfect homes, offices and outside areas: –

  • Using hand sanitizer liquid
  • Washing your hands in regular intervals
  • Wearing sanitized gloves
  • Wearing face masks when around others
  • Using alcohol based hand rub
  • Using disinfectant spray on objects around us
  • Using sanitizer wet wipes
  • Using a UV sanitizing wand that emits UV light

Now that with time, we are all aware of the importance of sanitization of ourselves and surroundings, the most efficient launch would be a UV sanitizing wand for both personal and corporate use.

A UV sanitizing wand works without physical contact and kills viruses and germs by venting out UV rays light on surfaces from a distance. There have been researches that coronavirus can be killed with high temperatures of heat. But there is a specific kind of UV rays light that fights COVID-19 viruses explicitly.

Such a UV sanitizing wand is a lightweight handle-like structured device that is portable and easy to carry. The procedures for using the device are equally simple. The utmost function of these devices is to emit UV rays and help fight the coronavirus. According to the studies, there are 3 types of UV rays. These lights are specially designed to concentrate on the precise rays coming out of the wand, that is UVC rays. Direct rays of UVC lights shown upon the surface of the skin, household items, and even big pieces of furniture, etc. work towards killing the virus and germs.

Recent public surveys show that it has been a struggle to use sanitizer spray and other disinfectant liquids from time to time. Hence, UV sanitizing wand saves time and energy, it is way easier to use and the best part is that there is no tactile contact while using it.

It is such a device that not only claims to fight against viruses but also against other germs and bacteria.

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