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Italian Cookies

Cookies are a sweet small baked food item. Italian Cookies have different names in different countries. In the United States, crunchy cookies are called biscuits. Whereas the United Kingdom called cookies to the chewier biscuits (filled with nuts and other ingredients).

One love to have cookies with milk, coffee, or tea. Fresh-baked cookies are more pleasing to the tongue than factory-based cookies. They are delight & crispy that just enhance the flavor. The baked cookies are actually handmade and have a unique taste.

In the market, one may find variants of biscuits or cookies. Some have jam filling or cream filling; some are filled with cashews, choco chips, etc. Everyone has their own taste for cookies. Have you heard about Italian cookies? Baking is one of the key cultures of Italian food; baked-cookies are also their major part. Italian cookies are soft, crunchy, and heavenly delicious.

Cookies lovers look for Italian cookies online to have a great supper or enjoy it as a snack. Americans are also big fans of Italian cookies. They have bakery stores with professionals chefs making Italian-flavored cookies. Cafes have a delish collection of Italian cookies that are served with hot beverages.

Catch some Luscious Italian Cookies

Italians go to local bakeries during festive seasons and love to buy various baked-cookies. Have a look at a few flavorsome cookies of Italy:

Coffee-Flavored Cookies: These are not much sweet but have a flavor of natural coffee beans. They are incredibly crunchy and are good to go with Italian dessert – wine vin santo. These cookies are baked twice and don’t contain oil or butter. However, they are stuffed with dried fruits, almonds, and much more. It’s a perfect Christmas gift item for your loved ones.

Amaretti Italian Cookies: These are small-round cookies filled with almonds, sugar & eggs. These baked cookies are the taste of North-Italians. They are served with custards and use as a garnishing for cakes. They come in two variations- hard or soft Amaretti.

Little Horses Look Cookies: These are called Cavallucci cookies in Italy. They are soft-baked cookies filled with special ingredients; honey, nuts, and anise. It’s also a special Christmas food-item for Italians but generally eaten throughout the year in Siena.

Croccante Cookies: These are sweet crispy-crunchy cookies. They are a specialty of Sicily and are perfect to go with a glass of grappa wine.

Pignoli Italian Cookies: These are chewier almond paste-based cookies that have toppings of grilled pine nuts. They are also soft & have a sweet nut taste. You can love to have them with espresso or milk-shakes.

Biscotti Regina: These are light-crunchy sesame biscuits. Perfect for your morning refreshment as they aren’t too heavy. They have a sweet vanilla flavor and coated with sesame seeds—moreover, another Sicilian specialty cookie item.

Traditional Brutti ma Buoni: Are you looking for the best Italian cookies online? Try Bruttiboni cookies! These are traditional Italian biscuits loaded with lots of nuts. They have an irregular shape with a crackly exterior but taste really good. They have a hard outer-crisp texture but soft from inside that makes them perfect chewier biscuits.

Ring- Shaped Cookies: These are called Canestrelli in Italy. These are frilled almond biscuits and garnished with exceptional sugars that taste delicious.

Tegole Valdostane Biscotti: These are quite a unique style of cookies originating from the Valle d’Aosta (North-West region of Italy). The batter is made with flour, sugar, almonds, butter, eggs, vanilla, and hazelnuts. They are round-shaped golden brown cookies and have a thin layer. People enjoy Tegole Valdostane cookies with coffee.

These are special cookies of Italy that have a divine taste. In case your mouth-waters, then go and order Italian cookies online. You can find it in some good online stores. Celebrate Christmas & New Year eve with these heavenly baked cookies.

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