Shall You Buy Rechargeable or Disposable CBD Vape Pens


A few clicks and you will find a delivery boy knocking at your door to handover the package. Placing an order for wholesale disposable CBD vape pen for sale takes no time. However, a lot of research goes behind choosing one from many ways of reaping the benefits of CBD. You can enjoy edibles or oils. You want to know about the kind of CBD experience you will get before buying vaping CBD flower for sale. Vaping gives the quick effect you want. However, here too you have to make a choice. There are two types of vape pens:

  • Disposable vape pen
  • Rechargeable vape pen

You can buy a rechargeable vape pen and refill it to enjoy vaping. On the other hand, if you choose a vape pen, you need to order a wholesale disposable CBD vape pen for sale. This may make you think that there is an advantage of buying the rechargeable one. However, there are pros and cons of both vaping options. Let’s compare both.

Convenience and Readiness to Use

A CBD vape pen comes with a tank full of CBD oil, a full battery and an automatic puff sensor. It requires no manual control. There are no settings to adjust. If the tank is not empty and the battery is not discharged, a disposable CBD vape pen is always ready for use.

The First Best Experience

When your first experience goes bad, this is less likely to leave a good impression. Before you introduce yourself to CBD, you want an easy way that offers the best experience with a small investment. You don’t need extensive research or planning to buy disposable vape pens. On the other hand, you need to do some research to buy a rechargeable vape pen, CBD oil and get the desired experience. You also need to know which vape will do the best job with CBD. You need to compare the features of different vape pens. Not all CBD oils are the same. Simply smoke a disposable vape pen and decide whether you should continue with it or not.

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Vaping Frequency

Go for a disposable vape pen if you are an occasional CBD user. You don’t have to buy an expensive rechargeable vape pen. If you vape only once a day, disposable vape pens are inexpensive and incredibly convenient for you. Moreover, a disposable vape pen requires no maintenance and is also easy to use. However, if you are a frequent CBD user, go for a rechargeable vape pen. It is a one-time investment that you will use over and over again. Buying disposable vape pens can be very expensive if you enjoy vaping every day.


If you vape more often, you also want more control. There are different companies in the industry producing CBD e-liquids. This variation provides you with more control. You can choose from CBD isolates, full-spectrum hemp extracts, and more. You can find CBD oils with added flavors and terpenes. These additives may also include Vitamin E and other oils that you may not want to inhale. You can check the list of ingredients in the CBD oil. Similarly, you can also check the list of ingredients in a disposable vape pen. If you buy disposable vape pens from a convenience store or a gas station, you may not find any name on the vape pen.

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