Overview of Common Parasitic Infections

Common Parasitic Infections, Genhealthtips

What are the Most Common Parasitic Infections?

The parasites are worms that thrive on the body of the host (another organism) for survival. Some of the parasites do not impact the body of the host but many others live on the body of another organism for their own growth, reproduction and in this process, they attack the host systems, causing illnesses that are called parasitic infections. The occurrence of parasitic infection is not confined to any specific geographical area but it is something that affects many tropical as well as subtropical areas of the globe.

Categories of parasites

The parasitic infections are classified into two distinctive classes:


This category of parasites is thriving within the body of the host organism. Few of the most common places that belong to this class of parasites include flatworm, tapeworm, or even heartworm. Such types of intracellular organisms attack the cells of the host body, thrive, grow and multiply within it. The major classes of the microbes that belong to this group of parasites include viruses as well as bacteria.


Such types of organisms thrive in co-existence with other types of parasites. Some of the common examples that can be cited in this particular category include a flea that is thriving on a mammal. However, there might be another protozoan that occurs in the body of the flea as a parasite. Buy Ivermectin 6mg and Ivermectin 3mg to treat parasitic infections in the body.

The parasitic infections are categorized into three distinct areas depending upon the type of organism that is causing it. The three distinct groups of species that are responsible for the parasitic infection in humans include:


This is the first class of parasites that are invading the human body and causing infections. Such organisms are single-celled. However, they enter into the body of humans and thrive inside them. One of the common infections that are spread by the protozoa is termed giardiasis. The spread of this type of infection takes place when an individual takes the water which is infected by this protozoon.


These are multicellular species. Generally, they are thriving either try within or even in the external part of the human body. 


This is another class of parasites that are invading the skin of the host. They can try to thrive & grow either within the skin or even on the external part of it. Some of the important parasites that belong to this category include mosquitoes, ticks, or even fleas.

Common parasitic infections

There are certain groups of parasites that are specifically invading the human body and are unknown to cost several kinds of distinctive parasitic infections. Let’s have a look at some of the common parasites that are known to exist in the human body for ages.


This is a common type of amoeboid parasite. It is very well known to invade the different areas of the human body, for example, the skin region, eyes, or even the components of the brain. The occurrence of this organism is not confined to any geographical region but is spread all across the world. The major source of its transmission is both the water as well as soil.

Babesiosis parasite

This is another type of parasite where the vector is a tick. The part of the human body that it is impacting is the blood. It is more prevalent in the northeastern and western regions of America.


This type of infection is caused by the Balatidium coli, which arrests the intestinal tract of human beings. However, most commonly, it is infecting the pigs but is also being found in the human intestinal tract. The main sources of the spread of the parasitic infection include the pigs as well as the water.


This is another type of intestinal infection that is caused by parasitic invasion. The organism enters into the host body through the infected water or food that has been spoilt by the feces of either human beings or animals.


This is another type of parasite organism that is impacting the human intestines. The existence of this parasite is known all over the world. It is also known to exist in other organisms for example; dogs and cats apart from the human intestines. you can also Buy Ivermectin for Humans at Genmedicare.


Such a type of parasitic invasion occurs due to an organism known as Entamoeba histolytica. It is also invading the intestinal region of the human being. It is well known to present in the areas of the world that are densely populated and where people practice poor sanitation. The spread of this parasitic infection is through the feces that enter into the water or food.


This is also another parasite that infects the human’s small intestinal area. The spread of this type of infection takes place from the consumption of food or even water that has been infected with the feces.


In fact, quite a large population of humans all over the world suffers from different types of parasitic infections. Buy Ivermectin online at GenMedicare.com It is just that some people are more susceptible to be attacked by parasites in comparison to others. Although there is quite a large number of parasites that exist on earth, but only a fraction of them is invading human beings. 

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