How to Prevent Kidney Stone Naturally


Kidney stones are the stones that are formed from minerals and salts in the kidney. The main reasons behind such stone formation are excessive body weight, medication, and an unhealthy diet. According to the research paper published on NCBI, 1 out of every 11 people is suffering from kidney stone problems in the USA.

If your diet is unhealthy then you are more likely to get a kidney stone problem in the future. However, by adopting the prescribed instructions from Karachi’s best general physicians, you can prevent kidney stones.

7 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stone Naturally

There are 7 tips on which you can act to avoid kidney stone problems. It includes staying hydrating, eating calcium-rich food, and avoiding sodium plus oxalate-rich food. How will these tips help you to prevent the kidney stone problem? For understanding this let’s get into the details below.

  1.       Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the first tip that will help you to prevent kidney stones. If you are not drinking enough water then it’s time to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. In this way, urine salt will be dissolved more quickly and there will be no risk of stone formation.

Besides water, you can also drink lemonade and orange juice because they both contain citrate that prevents kidney stones.

  1.       Eat Calcium-Rich Food

Eating calcium-rich food also improves the health of your kidney by preventing kidney stones. Because most of the stones are formed because of the deficiency of calcium in the body. Although to meet the calcium requirement you can also eat the supplements but it is not the best option.

Therefore eat calcium rich food which includes dairy items like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Besides dairy items, you can also eat leafy green vegetables.

  1.       Slow Down On Sodium Consumption

Eating calcium-rich food is good however consuming sodium-rich food may lead to the kidney stone problem. If you usually eat a high-salt diet then change your diet now because too much salt in the urine also prevents the absorption of calcium and ultimately forms the stone in the kidney.

Avoid eating foods that are processed or canned. Junk food is also high in salt.

  1.       Consume Less Oxalate-Rich Foods

Besides salt, you also have to control the intake of oxalate-rich foods. Although these foods have a positive influence on your body however eating too many oxalate-rich foods will have a catastrophic effect on your body.

Food like spinach, chocolate, sweet potatoes, coffee, peanuts and wheat bran all are high in oxalate.

  1.       Eat Fewer Animal Protein

Like oxalate-rich food, eating too much of animal protein will also cause the kidney stone problem. Rich sources of animal protein like beef, poultry, and fish are acidic in nature and they increase the urine acid which can cause kidney stones. Therefore avoid eating such food regularly.

  1.       Avoid Supplements (Vitamin C)

Avoiding vitamin C supplements can also lead to a healthy kidney because such vitamins can cause kidney stones. However, if you are eating food that is rich in vitamin C they don’t have the same risk in it. Therefore it is advised to the readers to stop the consumption of vitamins and stick to the healthy diet plan and eat organic food.

  1.       Try Herbal Remedies

The last tip that will help you to keep your kidney healthy is herbal remedies. Plant like chanca piedra is helpful for this purpose. It is also known as a stone breaker and gale of the wind. Its usage can reduce the size of the existing stones in your kidney. Not only that but it also prevents the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Summing Up

Kidney stones can be prevented by using the number of tips. Therefore stay hydrated, eat calcium-rich food, and avoid sodium plus oxalate-rich food for increasing the life of your kidney. Besides all this, you can also use herbal remedies. Herb like stone breaker can be used for preventing kidney stones however you cannot rely completely on herbal remedies.

Moreover, eating some supplements to fulfill the nutritious requirements can also lead to kidney stones therefore it is important to eat food instead of supplements.

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