How To Spot Signs Of These Common Heart Conditions


Several harmful conditions can affect your heart, and these conditions are termed as heart diseases. An individual will suffer from a heart attack, stroke or other heart diseases if there is a block in blood vessels. Every heart disease indicates different symptoms. Here we have addressed the common heart or cardiovascular diseases and their symptoms.


As you age, fats, cholesterol or other particles in and on the artery walls develop plaque which results in a blood clot. As far as the Atherosclerotic disease is concerned, there are no symptoms. However, it can cause leg pain during workout, mini-strokes or heart attack. A healthy lifestyle use Fildena 100 and proper diet are important to prevent this cardiovascular disease.


As the name specified, Arrhythmia is a condition diagnosed when your heart beats faster or slower than usual. When your heartbeat is fast, it is termed as Tachycardia. If your heart beats slowly, it is known as Bradycardia. Symptoms like dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath imply that you are suffering from Arrhythmia.


Endocarditis is a condition diagnosed when germs or bacteria attack your heart muscle. This disease can be identified by symptoms like fever, fatigue and night sweat. Individuals with injured heart valves are prone to Endocarditis. However, this condition is rare.

Valvular heart disease

If any of the four heart valves (Mitral, aortic, tricuspid or pulmonary) is affected, there are high chances of Valvular heart disease. When the valves narrow (Stenosis), leak or prolapse, they will be damaged. The main cause of valvular heart disease is Rheumatic fever. Among the four heart valves, mitral valve stenosis needs special care and attention.

The valvular heart disease symptoms vary as per the malfunction of a particular valve. In general, an individual can experience fatigue, irregular heartbeat and chest pain as well. You need to see a doctor if there is regular chest pain, shortness of breath.

Though there are numerous heart diseases, it can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle. When treated earlier, heart disease can be cured. Don’t panic if you have any of the above symptoms. Most of the aforementioned cardiovascular diseases can be alarming, but they can be treated with advanced medical facilities, and special medical practitioners can provide the necessary support. When you have any of the diseases, consult a doctor right away. Whether it is Mitral Valve Stenosis or Arrhythmia, expert physicians will help you to eradicate the heart problems.

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