How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship?

How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship?, genhealthtips

7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot and Spicy

Are you in a long term relationship? How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship? Are you searching for ways to keep your relationship hot and spicy? Well, being in a long term relationship is one of the amazing things, but it has its faults as well. The question that is posed in front of couples is how to keep the magic alive in a relationship? This can be done in many different ways, and it is not necessarily to be sexual.

You should be in a position to develop a connection with the partner in other ways as well. When you start dating with your partner, you go through a mixed bag of emotions but with a passage of time. When the initial phase of the honeymoon wears off, then the relationship might turn stale. The connection is a key ingredient for keeping happiness and love alive in your relationship. Here are a few of the ways to keep the spark and exhilaration at peak levels in your relationship.

Go on frequent date nights

Go on frequent date nights, genhealthtips

Just because a couple is in a relationship doesn’t mean that they stop dating. It is great to be extremely comfortable with your partner staying in, having movie nights, etc.  However, this is something which can make the spark in a relationship die quickly. So, you should not turn your partner into your roommate as you have just stopped going out on date nights. Instead of that, make a plan frequently to go out on dates and try out something extremely fun and also exciting.

Listen and pay attention to partner

Listen and pay attention to partner, genhealthtips

A partner listening to the other and paying attention to what other is saying is something hotter than sex. For making your long term relationship interesting, you should always listen and also pay attention. Did she want you to take out all the trash? Did they want to see a movie? Just surprise your partner with movie tickets and go on a date night. Everyone wants the partner who cares and listens to the other.

Keep pets out

Keep pets out,

Bonding over your pet is a great thing. But one of the partners is bonding more with the pet than a partner; then there is a problem. Well, if you are bonding more with the pet than your partner, it doesn’t mean that your pet should go. Just reconsider its role in life. Sometimes pets pop up in between the couples both literally and physically too. So, ravishing excessive attention on your pet means you are avoiding intimacy with the partner.

Enjoy doing things together

Enjoy doing things together, genhealthtips

When a couple does things together, then it serves as an amazing way to be mutual towards each other. Both the partners should ensure that they are taking out time for doing things together, not just for the sake of doing it. But to spend quality time with each other and go out together to eat, read a book, or you can take classes together as well.  A special bonding develops between you and your partner when you indulge in activities together as the endorphins kick in and both of you will share a high naturally.

Keep intimacy level high

Keep intimacy level high, genhealthtips

This is another crucial aspect of keeping the long term relationship fresh. When you keep the intimacy level high in your relationship, then it will benefit the connection between you and your partner. Although the times which both of you spend together might be less frequent than earlier but make intimacy the priority in your relationship. You can try generic Viagra at Genmedicare for fresh your relationship and intimacy level high.

Keep surprising element alive in your relationship

Couple with a gift, genhealthtips

This is another tactic to keep the excitement and fun level high in your long term relationship. Just surprise your romantic partner from time to time. This can be done in many different and interesting ways. You can bring home a small gift, book weekend gateways or cook the favorite food for your partner. All this is going to keep the excitement level alive in your relationship. It will also prevent you and your partner from actually getting stuck in a boring relationship.

Achieve goals together

Achieve goals together, genhealthtips

Lookup for some goals which you can achieve with your partner. It can be a financial goal where you and your romantic partner want to save money and go on long vacations. Or it could also be a fitness goal as well where you and your partner attend the gym together. When both of your works towards a common goal, you will feel just like a team, and there will be new and interesting things to talk and do together.


Whether you and your partner have been together for a few months or many years, you should put efforts to maintain the right spark in the relationship. No doubt consistency in a relationship is good. But a bit of variation from the normal routine is also relevant to make things fun. Since every relationship has trials, so when you are on the downside of the slope, just put some of your energy time. And love in the relationship and get ready to observe the positivity yourself.

Challenge yourselves and the relationship! Check out these 50 tips to help keep the romance well and strong for many more years to come.

    1. Plan a date night.
    1. Take a trip together.
    1. Try a new hobby as a couple.
    1. Go out on a double date.
    1. Surprise your significant other.
    1. Take some “me” time.
    1. Communicate your feelings.
    1. Discuss the future.
    1. Support one another’s dreams.
    1. Don’t go to bed angry.
    1. Make a bucket list together.
    1. Try something new in the bedroom.
    1. Get a couple’s massage.
    1. Team up in the kitchen and cook a new recipe.
    1. Does something to show your siginificant other you care?
    1. Remind her she’s beautiful or that he’s handsome.
    1. Be honest about your feelings on a hot-button topic.
    1. Respect one another.
    1. Sign up for a class together.
    1. Don’t hold on to past grudges.
    1. Make time for friends and family.
    1. Do something you’ve never done before together.
    1. Take a breather when you’re fighting so you don’t say something you’ll regret.
    1. Joke around with each other. Laughing is good for the soul.
    1. Put an equal amount of effort into the relationship.
    1. Mix up your evening routine by playing a board game.
    1. Reminisce about your first date.
    1. Have more sex.
    1. Talk about an issue you’ve been sweeping under the rug.
    1. Take time to really listen.
    1. Be patient with one another.
    1. Make time for one another as a couple.
    1. Plan a spontaneous getaway.
    1. Write a romantic letter or note.
    1. Make breakfast in bed.
    1. Plan an amazing date night at home.
    1. Do something special for your anniversary.
    1. Say “I love you” more.
    1. Clean the house together.
    1. Flirt with one another.
    1. Focus on the positives instead of the negatives in your relationship.
    1. Unplug for a night. No TV, computers, or phones.
    1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    1. Do something you’re scared of together.
    1. Show some PDA.
    1. Encourage one another to take on new challenges.
    1. Take a bubble bath together.
    1. Dress up for a date night.
    1. Read a book together and talk about it.
  1. Never forget why you fell in love in the first place.
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