How to Save a Romantic Relationship during the Coronavirus Period?

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Do you want to find out how to improve the quality of your relationship during the pandemic?

Our lives have completely changed since March this year, and not by our own choice.  However, we are trying to live our lives following the instructions given by health professionals and governments of our countries. Nonetheless, it can hardly be said that it is simple to adjust and cope with everything that is going on.  And the fact that we still don’t see the moment when things will return to normal makes us even more anxious. This anxiety affects all of our relationships, above all romantic ones.

Some couples are separated by the lockdowns and restrictions and struggling to maintain their relationships in a virtual space, longing and dreaming to meet IRL. In some cases, the uncertainty and fear can make people give up on the relationship despite having strong feelings for one another.  Others who are living under the same roof are now in the situation to spend much more time together. That can either deepen the bonds or break the relationship.

Both situations put a lot of pressure on relationships and they are undoubtedly challenging. However, there are ways for saving relationships during this complicated period. We talked with psychologists to get some advice, and here are their tips for saving the relationship.

Tips for Saving Romantic Relationship

Take Care of Yourself

Practicing self-care is crucial for good relationships in general, and in this situation, even more. There is no way that you can feel good with your partner if you don’t take time for yourself,  to do things that fulfill you. Also, make sure that you are letting yourself feel whatever you are feeling.  We are living in a highly stressful situation, and thus it is perfectly logical that you will feel anxious, stressed, tired, etc. In this case, you might fight to write things in your journal or to meditate. Besides that, we found that exercising can be a good way to get rid of accumulated stress as well.  Keep in mind that this is important for saving long-distance relationships as well as when you are living together.

Plan the Time You Spend Together

These are mad times, indeed!  When you are living with someone, you have the feeling that there isn’t anything special to do, as you are always together. On the other hand, when you are in a long-distance relationship, and thus indefinitely separated due to COVID – 19, you have the feeling it is pointless to make something special, as you are not physically together! Nonetheless, we must make an effort to resist falling into such sensations of despair and hopelessness. 

The fact that you are living together doesn’t mean that you have to spend all the time stuck to each other. Plan the time that you will spend independently and the time you can spend together.

You can organize a super romantic dinner date, each weekend. The fact that restaurants and bars are closed doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up and create a fancy restaurant in your kitchen.  Besides that, you can also spice up your sex life. If you are missing ideas, you can check some sex toys reviews. Preparing the same meal and eating together on Skype, with the same ambiance music.  It can be useful for saving a relationship from breakup.

Acknowledge That These Are Challenging Times

The worst thing you can do is try to pretend that this is some kind of event that you have been waiting for your entire life to finally engage in gardening, or reading/ watching movies, and do things you didn’t have time before. No, it’s not like going to a spa retreat. We are in a situation where our freedom is quite limited and at the same time, we are worried about our and the loved one’s health. So, it is vital to recognize that this situation is quite hard, and it also affects our relationship.  The best way for saving your relationship when your marriage hurts is to face the facts. Then you can see how to move on from there. 

Talk About Things with Your Partner

Whether you are thinking of saving a relationship after a break up or you want to prevent it from happening, it is indeed critical to have an open conversation about everything that is going on! Remember that this period is difficult for everyone and that we have different emotional responses to adverse circumstances.  We don’t doubt that you share a lot of things during the day.

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But rather than just talking about the news, etc., try to communicate with each other in a way that will enable you to learn how your partner feels and if there is something you can do to support her/him better. It is also essential when you are saving a new relationship, and you don’t know each other all that well, yet.

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We are at the end of our text about saving relationships. We know that it is not simple to maintain a good relationship under tense circumstances like these, but it is not impossible. To summarize, we believe that the essential things are to understand each other’s needs and create ways to have a good time even if the situation is far from perfect. And hope for a better future, as well.  How do you manage your emotional or other relationships? Do you have some advice for us?

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