How To Boost & Optimize Your Framerate When Gaming – Our Top Tips


If you’re suffering from choppy performance and a low framerate (FPS) when gaming on your desktop or laptop, you may be wondering how you can improve overall performance. Here are some top tips from our computer shop, specializing in laptop specials.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Head to the NVIDIA or AMD website to grab the latest version of drivers for your graphics card. Outdated graphics drivers can cause performance to deteriorate, while newer drivers are typically optimized more effectively. This is a particularly good idea if you are also suffering from crashes and other errors.

Overclock Your GPU

Using a program like MSI Afterburner, you can overclock any GPU to get a bit more performance. Note, however, that doing this can be dangerous! You may void your warranty, and if you are not careful when overclocking, you could permanently damage your graphics card.

Only do this if you’re confident in your ability to overclock properly, have a well-ventilated PC, and understand the risks. If you’re prepared to take the risk, this guide from All in One PC Gamer will help you overclock your GPU safely.

Reduce In-Game Quality Settings

If you have your in-game quality settings turned all the way up, consider tweaking them and disabling some settings to gain some more frames. A smooth framerate is more important for a good gaming experience than ultra-high quality. You can also Use best 10 inch Tablet.

A few settings to reduce or turn off include shadow quality, draw distance, bloom, motion blur, and texture quality. Play around with your graphics settings until you find a good balance between smooth framerate and graphics quality.

Lower Your Resolution

For example, if you have a 1440p monitor and your framerate is very choppy, you could consider reducing your resolution to 1080p.

Lowering your resolution will decrease visual quality somewhat, but can have a huge effect on your framerate – in the above example, 1440p requires your GPU to process about 1.77x more pixels compared to 1080p, so you will likely experience an enormous boost in your framerate.

Close Other Programs On Your Computer

It’s a good idea to close other programs on your computer whenever possible while you’re gaming. Even web browsers like Chrome can use up a surprising amount of CPU power and RAM, which could reduce your FPS while gaming. Make it a habit to close down other windows and programs that you don’t need while gaming – and you’ll enjoy a smoother experience overall.

Follow These Tips – And Consider A New GPU If They’re Not Enough!

The above tips will be enough to squeeze a few extra frames out of your GPU. But if you try this advice and you’re still struggling to have a smooth gaming experience, it may be time to come to our computer shop in Cape Town and browse our selection of graphics cards.

At GTR Computers, we have the modern GPUs you need to boost your framerate and enjoy a better gaming experience. Shop online or come in today to get the parts you need to upgrade your PC right away! Click here for more information.

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