Health Benefits of Eating Tulsi Daily

Eating Tulsi, genhealthtips

It is a sacred plant in Hinduism, so it is widely found. It is straightforward to grow and Eating Tulsi, as it only needs moist soil. It also has placed in the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is of three types which can be found easily in India. One is in green colour as Lakshmi tulsi and another purple hued as Krishna tulsi and lastly Common wild Vana Tulsi.

It is loaded with health, fitness and wellness benefits. Eating Tulsi referred to the Osmium sanctum. This is a medicinal herb that comes from the mint family and is also found in 140 different varieties over the worldwide. It emits a sort of spicy scent in the body when applied to a wound, and this is the reason as to why tulsi called the wonder herb. Tulsi will help you in your health as well as in your skin give you glowing skin and acne-free face.

Benefits of Eating Tulsi

There are many health, fitness and wellness benefits of eating tulsi days and some are described below.

  • It is well known as cleansing, detoxifying, as well as a purifying agent from both inside and outside.
  • It is also called as an adaptogen.
  • It is perfect for the skin when consumed or even applied. 
  • It also helps to cure skin disorders, issues like ringworms, itching and many more.
  • It is well known as the most common and readily available antibiotic herb.
  • It contains anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, antibiotic properties.
  • It helps to relieve headache, cold, fever, stress, cough, sore throat, flu as well as chest congestion.
  • It helps to facilitate proper digestion.
  • It helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It is filled with essential oils, phytonutrients, Vitamin A and C.
  • It helps to regulate the level of uric acid in your body.
  • It also eliminates the developing risk of kidney stones. 
  • It can also be consumed by those who had kidney stones
  • It is very beneficial for diabetic patients because it elevated levels of sugar in the blood.
  • It can also help to ward off free radical’s harmful effects.
  • It is beneficial for healthy gums and teeth.
  • It is also used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and even other conditions like dengue, swine flu, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc.
  • It can also help to aid in insect bite treatment because of its effective insect repellent.
  • Consuming it regularly helps to assist in balancing many body processes. 
  • It also helps to improve blood circulation.

How to grow Tulsi plant.

Tulsi plant requires rich and moist soil with sufficient sunlight. It can be grown indoors and outdoors quickly. However, it is planted right before the monsoon under the high heat of the sun.

How to Consume?

It can be consumed in different ways like powdered, paste, tea, herbal supplement as well as tea. It can also use in cooking. 

Consume Tulsi Leaves daily

If you are also a fan of tulsi herb so You can consume fresh tulsi leaves every day by just boiling three to four of tulsi leaves early in the morning. Just swallow the tulsi leaves after boiling by making a herbal tea of it. If you’re eating raw tulsi, make sure it’s organic and always chew them well. If you don’t want to chew or drink it, you can use a powdered version of the tulsi which is known to be more nutritionally dense too like all.

Side Effects of Consuming Tulsi 

  • It may affect the capacity of reproduction for women who want to conceive.
  • Many people may feel nausea or diarrhoea, so I advise you to start with small quantities in your daily diet and increase consumption slowly.
  • Tulsi may also lower sugar level in blood especial who has diabetes and are on medication of blood-sugar-lowering.


If you consume this on your daily routine, then it will give you more benefits, then you think. It will also give you glowing and acne and scar-free skin. If you want to improve your health and skin by just eating one thing. Then tulsi is the best herb in all of them.

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