Genhealthtips makes available to the general public its hosting service of personal blogs, facilitating the accommodation under subdomains of the domain Genhealthtips.com freely chosen by the users, as well as the software © required for the development and administration of blogs.

Genhealthtips is responsible, in the terms agreed in the general contracting conditions, and once the beta version has been exceeded, for the correct functioning of the blog edition software and for the operation of the subdomain chosen by the user in the terms marked by the Community and US regulations.

Genhealthtips is NOT responsible for the misuse that users of the subdomains make of the software that is made available for the development of personal blogs, or for the misuse that visitors to the website www.Genhealthtips.com, or any other of your subdomains, do the same. Genhealthtips will never be liable for damages caused by fortuitous event, force majeure and / or third party intervention. By way of example, but not limited to, Genhealthtips Not responsible:

1.- Of the opinions expressed by the users of the subdomains, nor of the comments expressed by the visitors of the website www.Genhealthtips.com and / or its subdomains. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Genhealthtips, in extreme cases, reserves the right to inform the authorities of the commission of crimes by users and / or visitors, except for those that are only prosecutable at the request of the aggrieved (natural or legal) persons. In any case, Genhealthtips, in accordance with the regulations on services of the information society will retain for a maximum period of 12 months the following data: IP, time and date of access and url visited; which will be available to the competent authority.

2.- Of the violations of the intellectual property and / or industrial property rights of third parties (physical and / or legal) committed by the users of the subdomains and / or by the visitors of the site www.Genhealthtips.com or Any of the subdomains hosted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Genhealthtips reserves the right to urge the users of the subdomains to rectify the legitimate rights of the owners of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights and / or to prevent access to the administration. of the log at the request of the competent authorities.

3.- Of the problems derived from the fall of the service, power outage, Internet access and / or technical failures in the software and / or hardware responsibility of the ISP that provides the hosting service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Genhealthtips at the request of 25% of the legitimate users of the logs hosted in subdomains of the domain www.Genhealthtips.com will make available to its users the legal tools necessary to exercise the action of timely liability for damages and damages waived.

4.- Of the malfunction of the banking entities and / or telephone companies that provide the payment and / or micropayment service necessary to access advanced features that Genhealthtips can offer now or in the future.

5.- Of the loss of information of the logbooks caused by the omission of the elementary maintenance duties of the subdomnio. For which purpose, Genhealthtips makes available to its users the appropriate backup tools along with information on their use.

6.- Of the links and / or connections that are made from personal logs under the subdomain of the domain Genhealthtips. However, Genhealthtips reserves the right to carry out the appropriate legal actions and / or to inform the authorities of the existence of links to websites that are used to commit crimes. Genhealthtips, under its exclusive responsibility, and prior communication to the person in charge of the link’s origin log, will act, from the moment he has effective knowledge, with all the legal means at his disposal against child pornography, genocide, xenophobia, White trafficking and gender violence.

7.- Of the malicious code that users of personal blogs hosted in subdomains of the Genhealthtips.com domain insert in the blog creation and administration software provided by any technique. Genhealthtips will proceed judicially against who / is voluntarily enter malicious code in the blogs hosted in subdomains of the domain Genhealthtips.com. The editing and administration software of Genhealthtips.com is a work protected by international intellectual property rights regulations.