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Will proven skincare ever rule the world?

What type of skin do you have? What are the effects of products on your skin? What is your skincare routine? What effort do you make to keep your skin healthy? However, some of your efforts are wasted! Grab the tissue box and – STAY TUNED! 

Here are some of the myths that people mostly believe: 

  • The right skin care cream helps you look young. 

People get hundreds of skincare treatments and surgeries to look young. Just like for vanishing wrinkles is the Topical Treatment known as RETIN-A. But do you know? The best way to keep wrinkles apart is to use sunscreen and avoid smoking. 

  • Eating chocolates or oily food leads to oily and acne-prone skin.

The thing which causes oily skin is an oily substance named “Sebum.” This can also cause acne. Other than this, nothing can cause acne. 

  • Vitamin E can make all your scars dwindle.

There is tiny proof of this myth. But first of all, always consult your dermatologist for concerns regarding scars. There are many options to demolish your scars, including laser treatments. 

  • Tanning is not suitable for you. 

Spending a lot of time in sunlight and tanning booth can lead to skin cancer, especially when you don’t use sunscreen. Skin cancer’s risk corresponds with a full lifetime of sun subjection and a frequency of sunburn. Tanning leads to skin damage and causes it to wrinkles and age prematurely. 

  • Sleeping with your makeup is okay. 

After working a long day, the last step is to fetch out face wash and wash all the dozen makeup off. Not removing your makeup and sleeping with it makes an oily texture of the skin. This can lead to clogged pores. It’s better to use water to remove makeup. 

After knowing the truth about these myths, here are some medically proven products you need for healthy skin:

  • Hyaluronic acid 

It is made naturally in our bodies. It is useful because it has 1000 kg of weight in water. With the help of hyaluronic acid, the skin retains moisture. It also prevents moisture from evaporating in the air. This is the best moisturizing agent for oily and dries both skin types.

  • Argon oil 

It is plant oil. It is derived from the kernels of the argon tree. It has multiple benefits. It is an antioxidant and helps to heal suntan and sunburns. It helps the skin to heal.

  • Vitamin C 

There are several kinds of Vitamin C with multiple benefits. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) helps in creating collagen molecules. It is one of the best Anti-aging with several functions and benefits. It also helps in reducing hyper pigmentation.  Best Drugstore mineral makeup

  • Green tea 

The link between drinking green tea and improved health is always considered the best choice for ages. Using the plant on the skin is beneficial. It has Vitamin C. It is an antioxidant.

Let’s conclude it:

There are many things which seem right for your health, but it is not necessary that what it looks like works. Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our face and whenever you are applying something, makes sure that it has proven benefits for your skin. Every person is different, and also every skin type varies. Consult your doctor or ask for advice from a dermatologist before applying these tips on your face.

Luckily many people understand the importance of proven skincare. If you are also looking for some proven skincare & health tips, visit  and get tips for proven skincare tips for every skin type. Good luck!

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