Cannabis Distillates: What Do You Need to Know?

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There are so many options for cannabis users. Depending on the experience you’re looking for, you can choose from oils, tinctures, dried buds, or topicals. Concentrates are a relatively recent addition to this list. They are extracted by passing cannabis plants through solvents like alcohol or carbon dioxide to remove impurities and unwanted substances. There are different types of concentrates, including shatter, wax, and hash. Distillates are also a potent form of concentrates and are preferred for their high levels of THC.

What Are Cannabis Distillates?

Distillates are extremely concentrated forms of cannabis. They are made by distilling concentrates like shatter and wax to remove all traces of wax, residual solvents, and other unwanted material so that what’s left behind is pure cannabis. Some distillates can be up to 99% pure. Distillates can be smoked or vaped, and they lack the flavour or aroma of the cannabis plant.

Distillates are the base ingredient for many cartridges and edibles. Since they do not have any significant flavour or aroma, terpenes are added to make them taste better. But many companies add fake flavours, which could be completely harmless or incredibly dangerous depending on the quality of the substance. This is why we recommended that you buy distillate online from registered sellers.

Versatility of Distillate Products

Distillates are versatile. Any cannabis strain can be used to prepare a solvent-free distillate. Although they lack terpenes, flavours, or the aroma of the cannabis plant, they are incredibly potent. A drop of distillate oil placed under the tongue can be easily absorbed. This is because it is already decarboxylated. Using a distillate as a dab is effective but takes a little longer to kick in. You can also add distillates to foods and drinks.

Can Distillates Get You High?

Whether or not you will get high depends upon the specific cannabinoid you’re consuming. You will get an intense high if you use a THC distillate. If you’re taking a CBD distillate, you can enjoy its therapeutic benefits without getting high.

How Are Distillates Used?

You can place the distillate beneath the tongue. Instead of swallowing, allow it to dissolve for a faster effect. Distillates can also be vaped, but make sure you buy a vape with a refillable tank to add a few more drops for an extra kick. Dab rigs are also a great choice.

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