Allergies: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

Allergies, Genmedicare, Genhealthtips

Allergies take place when the immune system of the body actually reacts towards the foreign substance like pollen, bee, venom or food item which doesn’t trigger a reaction in the majority of the people. There is the production of a substance called antibodies in the body. When a person suffers from an allergy, then the immune system of the body produces antibodies which are capable of identifying the Allergies Symptoms as harmful even though it might not be. When the body of a person comes into contact with the reaction of the immune system, it can inflame the Beauty & Skin Care, sinuses, respiratory tract or digestive system.

 Looking at the Types of Allergies

Food allergies, Genmedicare, GenhealthtipsFood allergies

This is the type of food items intolerances which affect nearly each and every person at some point in their lives. Some people suffer from the unpleasant of the reaction towards something what they actually consume and wonder if they are suffering from the food allergy.



Seasonal allergies, Genmedicare, GenhealthtipsSeasonal allergies

When a person sneezes, coughs and has a running nose and itchy eyes during certain times in a particular year then it is the problem of seasonal allergies. Just like various other allergies it also develops when the immune system of the body actually becomes sensitized and also overreacts to something which is present in the environment.



Anaphylaxis, Genmedicare, GenhealthtipsAnaphylaxis

This is something which is quite rare but a severe type of allergic reaction. It takes place all of a sudden, worsens and may also prove to be deadly at times. Just because a person doesn’t have anaphylaxis today doesn’t mean he/she can’t suffer from it in the future. When there is an exposure of the body towards an allergen then it might result in the life threatening anaphylaxis reaction. It takes place when over the release of the chemicals shocks the person.



Drug allergies, Genmedicare, GenhealthtipsDrug allergies

The person who is allergic to a certain type of drugs develops rashes, hives or might face difficulty in the breathing process. Just like various other allergic reactions the symptoms of drug allergy takes place when the immune system of the body is being sensitized towards the substance during the medication. It is being perceived as the foreign invader as well and there is a release of chemicals for defending it.



Insect sting allergies

The insects which are responsible for this allergy type include the honey bee, paper, and yellow jacket wasp. Although these insects are peaceful creatures but the sting gets discharged during the self-defense. Well, the honey bee is one particular insect which actually leaves out the sting on the skin and the stinger is barbed too. Under such a situation, it is best to come under the effect of adrenaline auto-injector. When adrenaline is injected into the person’s body, it helps in counteracting allergic symptoms unless and until he/she receives the medical treatment.


Allergies Symptoms

Allergies, Genmedicare, GenhealthtipsThe Allergies Symptoms take place when the immune system of a person actually overreacts to something which is completely harmless for most of the people. But it triggers high-end reach in the person who is sensitive towards it. This type of substance is called an allergen. The symptoms of allergy can be triggered in various parts of the body which include nose, respiratory tract, ears, the lining of skin or the stomach. For some of the people allergic reaction may triggers the asthma and in few of the serious consequences there can be a life-threatening condition due to anaphylaxis.


If you are having Allergies Symptoms then you should consult the allergist or immunologist who will diagnose your individual condition and would prescribe you the most appropriate course of treatment and allergy management plan for assisting you in feeling and living a better life.


Mild acne can actually be treated by various types of OTC (Over the counter) medications which include the gels, creams, lotions which are all directly applied to the affected skin area. Looking at the moderate to severe type of acne breakouts, the consultation of an expert dermatologist is required. The specialist may prescribe the gel or cream just like various OTC medications but the one which is stronger. In some of the cases, the corticosteroid injections, oral antibiotics or topical antimicrobials are also recommended Genmedicare.


Avoid triggers

When you are on a treatment to your allergic conditions, put an effort to avoid all the triggers. For instance when you are allergic to the pollen grain then keep the windows and doors of your house closed when the pollen grain count is high in the environment. In case you have the dust and mites allergy then you should dust and vacuum the washed bedding.

Keep your diary

Track out what you have to do, your diet and what is that seems to help you out. This will assist you and your doctor to ascertain the causes that worsen the symptoms and steps to be taken to control it.

Wear a bracelet or necklace that works as medical alert

When you are suffering from a certain kind of severe allergic reaction, then you should wear a medical bracelet or necklace which will communicate to others that you have this particular serious allergy when you are not able to communicate by yourself

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