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As an old saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Clearly has been proven correct time to time. People all around the worlds have adapted modernization and along came with it many technological advances and distractions. Nowadays, the concept of one going to bed early and having a good eight hours slumber has gone vague and almost amusing.

However, the researchers have a lot more to negate this unhealthy lifestyle.


Multiple researches have shown that less sleep leads your endorphins (happy hormones) to lessen and thus this affects your mood directly. Messy sleeping schedules have been directly linked with depression and anxiety as the mind has trouble channeling and processing the constant thoughts. To release Depression must sleep well.


Obesity in the group of people who have odd hours of sleep has been recorded in a much greater amount as compared to people with a healthy lifestyle as they have more hours to lose the excess energy they gain while ingesting all sorts of food world.


Your creativity juices tend to flow at a much slower pace when you don’t provide enough rest that your mind and body needs. Over working and the panic of not meeting deadlines finally takes a huge toll on your well-being.


The constant lack of sleep and working long hours while testing one’s limits already does a big number on you and then it doesn’t take long enough for you to snap or cry and break down completely over one minor inconvenience, causing everyone especially you the added stress or guilt.

Save yourself from all troubles, put your gadgets aside, leave the remaining work for tomorrow, and have a good night’s rest starting from tonight. You will have regained control over your life in no time!

A few Reasons How to nod off quick around at night time and get up in the morning without any problem? Here are stunning suggestions from top experts on the most proficient method to rest appropriately to fix the all of your medical issues.

How to Sleep Properly

  If you experience difficulty in nodding off, decline tea and caffeine 6 hours before going to bed. It’s everything about caffeine. Caffeine is a psychost imulant which expands work proficiency and brain action.

  If wheezing/snoring tortures you, rest on your side with your hands under your head. Before going to bed, wash your nose with saline to open the nasal entries. Additionally, stay away from alcohol before sleep time.

  The most basic purpose behind neck pain is an off-kilter sleeping position. Additionally, if your neck hurts, change cushions at least once every one year. Buy pillows made of natural latex.

  Make sure the room temperature is around 20-22C because it will badly affects your rest.

  To prevent acidity, go to sleep with your head on a large raised cushion.

   If your shoulder hurts, rest on your back, hugging your pillow/cushion. Avoid sleeping on your stomach because your shoulders protrude forward and rest in an inappropriate position.

  Wake up each day at the same time, even on ends of the week. Your body must become acclimated to awakening at same time, to adjust your biological clock.

  To get rid of issues and fits, try massaging, rubbing, heating up and extending/stretching the muscles. Yoga can likewise help improve stretching and strengthen your muscles.

  If your back hurts, put another cushion under your thighs, or under your legs if you sleep on your back. Likewise, try the fetal position.

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