7 Productive Tips to Deal with your Mental Health

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We live in a society full of chaos. Everyone is in distress. The story is different, the situation is different but everyone has an experience of being in a sticky wicket. Now, the ecosystem is building and people are getting aware of Mental Health. People are educating themselves on such issues, and treating the patients in a kind way.

While I was studying medicine, I took part in a volunteership through Foji foundation hospital, Rawalpindi. It was an amazing learning experience. We, as a team, had to educate people on mental disorders, tell them about the different ways to treat people suffering with depression and anxiety.

It was an astonishing exposure for us to many people, their experiences and their fears. We got such a positive response that it pacified me in a way that at least we all are getting improved as a society. Besides blaming the society, we have to change ourselves at an individual level, teach ourselves first and have an influence. That influence and positive vibes will help us in educating people, and making them believe in you.

We should gather people, make them feel comfortable and then talk about their mental health. It’s pretty more helpful than just neglecting them and keeping them bound to their doctor.

I’ll love to share some of the useful tips I gathered in that volunteership while working with the best doctors in Rawalpindi. Let’s discuss Mental Health tips and tricks together.

1)   Understanding your Worth

The first of all the points, is to value yourself. No one is going to stay with you forever. You have to be with you, treat yourself the way you treat your best friends and do something you love to do. People mostly ignore themselves, their health and this becomes one of the most prominent causes of mental illness in them. Small acts of neglecting your meals, your exercise and your work lead to the major issues of anxiety and stress. So, stay firm, stay true to yourself and love the way you are.

2)   Keeping Positive Energy around

We all used to listen that our company defines us. Our friends, our family and even our neighbours radiate some kind of energy.

  • We have to be keen in choosing our friends. The friends who stay with you, who listen to you and try to make you feel loved.
  • In the case of our family, we can work on increasing our emotional quotient. We should improve our relationship with our siblings and our parents, so that they can listen to you.
  • The neighbours can be your best companions if treated well. Join them in their disputes and be happy in their happiness.

3)   Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Whether it’s mental illness or physical, a healthy diet is always a necessity. It is a kind step to take care of yourself.

  • Eat three proper meals a day.
  • Set a time for your meals and follow a routine.
  • Learn to make portions of your meal.
  • Avoid the junk and bakery items.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Taking care of your diet is like an addiction. You start loving your routine and your innovative lifestyle.

4)   Preferring your Sleep Hours

Proper sound sleep is necessary not only for your physical health but for your mind too.

  • It helps in your brain functioning.
  • A restful sleep is needed for boosting the immune system.
  • It aids in fighting with stress issues and anxiety management.
  • It keeps your mind fresh and free of stressful thoughts.

5)   Staying Physically Active

A healthy body owns a healthy mind. For keeping your body athletic and fit, exercising is a must. If you feel stressful and alone, hiring a friendly physical therapist can be a better choice.

  • Walking for about half an hour daily improves physical health.
  • Making a proper exercise routine with the therapist.
  • It will assist you in staying active.

6)   Engaging yourself in Activities

Keeping yourself busy in something useful is a requisite in this era. Your leisure time actually defines how as a person you are.

Engaging yourself in activities you love, makes your mind feel relaxed. Some of the activities loved by most of the people are:

  • Painting makes us feel pacified.
  • Many people love singing or playing any instrument.
  • Playing with your pets is proven as a healthy hobby.
  • Reading and writing is one of the beneficial activities.


Besides these few ways Mental Health, there are many other ways like managing the stress, having enough water, keeping up with good friends and having a break to deal with your mental issues. Most important is to treat yourself as normal and love yourself.


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