6 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Fight Should You Learn To Fight?


Learning to fight isn’t about imitating your favourite action movie hero.

Sure, it would be pretty awesome to be an all-rounder martial arts master able to take down an army of bad guys single handedly, but there’s a lot more to martial arts and fighting than just looking cool and seeming tough.

There are many disciplines when it comes to fighting: from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to kickboxing and from Muay Thai to Mixed Martial-Arts, there’s a whole world out there of martial arts that offers many lifestyle, personal and fitness benefits.

Why should YOU learn to fight? Here are 6 great reasons.

1 Know How To Defend Yourself

Learning how to fight from experienced trainers will give you more than just the confidence you need to deal with danger and/or threats when confronted by it. You need to acquire the right skills, techniques and knowledge to defend yourself in hairy situations when pressure is high and civility is low. Whilst keeping your expectations realistic is important, martial arts training will allow you to defend yourself and those around you.

2 Keep Yourself Healthy

This one is also obvious. Learning how to fight under the correct guidance is a foolproof way of strengthening your muscles, improving your cardiovascular system, burning fat, speeding up your metabolism and enhancing your endurance. Martial arts is an extremely physical activity and will challenge you to reach fitness goals in a way no other workout regiments can offer.

3 Mental Discipline

Discipline. Motivation. Resilience. These are mental attributes that we all wish we had more of! Fortunately, learning how to fight is a fantastic way to strengthen your mental discipline. You’ll probably learn how to throw a punch, land a kick and block an attack, but you’ll simultaneously be pushed into digging deeper into your heart, mind and soul and becoming a mentally stronger individual in the process.

4 Instil Humility & Respect

Nothing, and we mean nothing, will humble you as much as starting to learn to fight. The inevitable failures and defeat you’ll experience will shake your confidence to the very core. This humility is an essential part of the journey as it will lead to a new level of respect for your own perseverance and the skills of others. In turn, you’ll inspire humility and earn respect from your peers in time too.

5 It’s VERY Therapeutic

When you learn how to fight, you learn many other things too: how to focus, how to grow and how to feel, think and act. Life can be overwhelming, stressful and difficult. When you engage in martial arts the focus you’re forced to employ will make everything else on your mind melt away. This present state of mind and the ability to channel any pain, anger and frustration into your fighting is a great form of therapy.

6 Realise Your Own Potential

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. When you learn how to fight, you learn who you really are. It cuts away the noise of life and allows you to focus on yourself, your shortcomings and your strengths. You’ll uncover secrets about yourself you never knew and consequently empower yourself to reach heights you never realised you could achieve.

Your Journey To Learn To Fight Starts Today

There’s no better time to begin learning how to fight than right now, right here. There are plenty of amazing boxing gyms and martial arts centres with trained instructors to help you learn to fight right here in Brisbane.

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