5 different jewellery that can be made from lab grown diamonds.


The advancement of technology brings in several benefits to the society and lab grown artificial diamonds are one such boon to those who wish to acquire the jewels without shelling out their entire bank balance. While choosing jewellery, it is very important to have a handful of options ready since they are an important investment. Natural diamonds differ from lab grown diamonds uk in terms of price, however, the quality and look remains similar.

Natural diamonds are those which are formed in the Earth’s mantle over a period of several years, hence they are rarer as compared to lab grown diamonds which are created by employing the same process, just in a man-made setting. As a result, natural diamonds tend to be much more expensive as compared to lab grown ones. You can always go for lab grown diamonds if you wish to acquire beautiful jewellery within a budget. Here are 5 different jewellery that can be made from lab grown diamonds:

  1. Necklace

Lab grown diamond necklace can be the perfect choice for someone who loves sparkle and show. With the sheer perfection of man-made diamonds, that too, within a reasonable budget, a necklace can be a smart investment to your jewellery collection. A Heart Pendant necklace or a Yard necklace can look good on every occasion, whether it be in the morning or at night. You can choose white or yellow gold to accompany your diamond.

  • Earrings

You can choose from a wide range of selected of lab grown diamond earrings of different styles which are available at various ranges of prices. Studded lab created diamond earrings are always a classic and elegant choice which come in a variety of sizes. Halo lab created diamond earrings are relatively bigger in size and they offer quite a complex design. The unique design of such cuts can be a great choice if you want to catch the attention of the crowd.

  • Bracelets

Bracelets are another viable option with regard to lab-made diamond jewellery, especially for the millennial generation and youngsters. Whether it be a beautiful and classy tennis bracelet with studded diamonds or a simple bangle shaped bracelet in white or rose gold with embedded diamonds, lab grown jewellery is slowly reigning hearts with its affordable yet wide options.

  • Engagement rings

The aura and luxury of a solitaire diamond ring can be achieved with lab grown diamond engagement rings without any hassle. You can choose any engagement ring which reflects your love story and you can always customise it as per your needs. From wedding bands to halo rings, you should choose your favourite diamond cut with caution.

  • Pendants

The most viable option if you want something to wear everyday along with your casual wear or at work or if you wish to stay simple yet elegant is a pendant. Lab grown diamond pendants give the perfect look for your lunch date or any corporate event.

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