11 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and baby

Benefits of Breastfeeding, genhealthtips

Breast milk is the perfect food for the baby. It contains essential nutrients and also the antibodies which help in strengthening the immune system of the body. It comprises of everything which the baby requires for initial six months of the life in the most appropriate proportions. Even the composition of mother’s milk alters according to the changing needs of the child, especially during a few initial months. Apart from being a complete form of nutrition for a child, it offers innumerable benefits to the health, immune system, and overall growth and development. It is the unique nutritional source which is most natural to digest and has the perfect balance of proteins, carbs, fats, and various other nutrients. Which promote the growth and development of infants. Thus from weight loss to lowering down the risk of diseases, breastfeeding has innumerable benefits to the mother and her baby. The World Health Organization has recommended the most exclusive of breastfeeding for a minimum period of six months.

breastfeeding benefits of moms and babys, genhealthtips

Here are 11 benefits of breastfeeding to the baby and mother.

 11: Advantage of colostrum

During the initial 2 to 4 days, the breast secretes colostrum, which is the yellow colour fluid highly rich in proteins. It plays quite a crucial role in the development of a healthy immune system of the baby.

10: Nutritional superior formula

The human milk comprises of both the saturated as well as unsaturated fats. It contains cholesterol, too, which is an important component of both the brain as well as the nervous system. The energy present in breast milk can be utilized in a highly efficient manner.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for moms

09: Antibodies

The breast milk is fully loaded with antibodies which boost the immune system of the baby and helps in wiping off the viruses and also bacteria.

08: Healthy weight

It assists in achieving healthy weight gain by the baby. The mother’s milk also helps in reducing the incidence of obesity. Research has suggested that the rate of obesity is 15 to 30% lower in babies who are fed with breast milk.

07: Helps moms to lose weight

Many of the women seem to gain excessive weight during breastfeeding while many others effortlessly lose it. During breastfeeding, the energy demand of mothers increase to intake of around 500 calories /day, but the hormonal balance of the body is distinct from the normal one. Within an initial three of the months, women might experience an increase in the fat burn.

06: Helps in a contraction of the uterus

During pregnancy, there is a substantial expansion in the uterus. After delivery, it goes through the procedure known as involution, which makes it return to original size. At the time of breastfeeding, the rate of the production of hormone oxytocin increases in the body, which leads to uterus contraction.

 05: Decreases risk of depression in moms

Many women suffer from postpartum depression, which develops after the birth of the child. Today it is affecting around 15 %of the women. However, mothers who feed their babies are less likely to develop postpartum depression.

Superfoods for breastfeeding

04: Prevents menstruation

The continued of breastfeeding may suspend menstruation for a certain period. It is a natural way to impart a time gap between two consecutive pregnancies. Some of the women have also utilized this phenomenon as the birth control measure after their deliveries.

03: Brain development of a baby

The relevance of breastfeeding is the development of a child’s brain has been reflected in the researches all over the globe. In recent research conducted in the US, the toddlers and preschoolers who have been breastfed within the first three months of the birth contain 20 to 30% more white matter in comparison to the ones who don’t have the mother’s milk.

02: Reduces the risk of diseases in moms

Some of the studies have illustrated that breastfeeding reduces the risk of the development of type 2 diabetes, breast, ovarian cancer, cardiac diseases, and also rheumatic arthritis. It has been found that women who have breastfed for greater than 12 months during their entire life have a 28% lower risk of breast cancer, There is also Breast Cancer Treatment available at Genmedicare. Recent research has also indicated that breastfeeding for around 1 to 2 years in the entire lifetime leads to 10 to 50% reduction in hypertension, arthritis, and cardiac disorders.

 01: Convenience to baby and mother

The best thing about breast milk is that it can be made available to the baby readily and comprises of the right mix of all the essential nutrients and also antibodies. It is also produced at the right temperature and is well protected from the viruses and bacteria. It reduces stress and imparts a much better sleep. Also, the mother has to make quite less feeding arrangements like preparing a milk bottle or choosing the right brand formula.

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 Take away

Breast milk provides essential nutrition to the infant. The mature immune system of the mother produces antibodies which enter into the child through the milk and protect from infection and illnesses. It also contains certain compounds which soothe the infants. It is effective in protecting women from breast, ovarian cancers, and health illnesses. The World Breastfeeding Week which falls during the first week of August encourages the moms to breastfeed their kids and should use it as a source of food for baby for a period of at least the first six months of their lives.

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